Inbound Management
Students are the lifeblood of Learning Abroad - look after them with [Automated].
Inbound Management
Students are the lifeblood of Learning Abroad - look after them with [Automated].
Why choose [Automated] for Inbound Student Management?
From taking nominations, right through to issuing offers, pre-arrival and post-program. Ensure your Inbound students are prepared with [Automated].
Forget email nominations, nominations with missing information or stand-alone forms that don’t connect to your live data.

With [Automated] you can:
  • Accept student nominations from Partner Universities and Agents in a standardised format to ensure consistency.
  • Send automatic receipts and communications to Partners and Agents about the status of their nominations.
  • Receive reports and tasks for you to assess those nominations.
  • Easily send students invitations to apply.

Plus, you can incorporate this into a Partner Portal* so partners can easily see their partnership information and balances, nominate students, and track those students in one place.
* Subject to package inclusions.
Student Application Management + Preparation
You’ve received their nomination, completed the initial assessment and invited them to apply.

But it doesn't stop there.

 With [Automated], you’ll be able to receive those applications and associated documents (transcripts, English test results etc); assess them; make the students an offer and receive their acceptance all within your system for a seamless experience.

Automated reminders ensure students are kept on-track with their outstanding tasks, and you are kept in the loop when a deadline is missed or a student is at risk of falling behind the process.

Not only that, but you can serve your Inbound students with important resources and information to help prepare them for studying in Australia - in a format that works for you!

Perhaps you want a series of drip-fed emails containing pre-arrival information, or maybe you’d prefer a traditional-course-style approach with a quiz they need to complete. Or, would a student portal environment work better for you and your students?

We’ll help make your ideas into reality.

The best part? Everything is tracked. Every email, every link click, every task, every step in every process. Gain full visibility over your process with [Automated].

Our system is endlessly customisable to ensure your students progress through your process, and complete all the steps along the way.

Note - this can work in conjunction with any other inbound system. If you currently take applications via a separate system, but want to have us handle nominations and information/reminders, we can do that!

“Rob, Bec and Gelo at The Global Society have transformed the way we manage our student experiences. Their industry knowledge is invaluable, and is key to their success in creating bespoke processes that suit the unique and ever changing mobility landscape. They are great to deal with, and never shy away from any challenge that we throw at them. We would absolutely recommend the TGS team and are really pleased with what they have helped us create.”
Sarah Wragge
Mobility Officer: Short Term Programs
University of South Australia
 Already supporting learning abroad teams just like yours. 
 Problems Solved 
Managing hundreds (or thousands) of students a year can be tricky. But not with [Automated]!
"We need students to complete all required tasks before we complete their enrolment"

You can now track all your Inbound students progress with ease.

We will work with you to identify each step in your process, and the list of requirements students must meet - along with the timeframe they have to do so. This includes documents they need to submit such as English test results, Passport, transcripts and more.

By creating reminder campaigns, with those steps and requirements built in, it will allow your students to understand what is expected of them. Meanwhile, in-built reporting will keep you and your team in the loop.

As soon as a student has met all the requirements, you will be notified that the student is ready for payment.

Then, as the deadline approaches, another layer of reminders kick in to encourage students to complete their tasks (if they haven't already done so). Our system will notify you if anyone falls behind so you can step in when you need to.

PLUS - we can build an inbound student portal* to help increase clarity, and allow your students to self-service by seeing in real-time what they need to do, and complete it within the portal! 

* Subject to package inclusions.

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"I want to collect feedback from students and use it!"

Feedback on your process and Programs are critical for incremental improvements, quality control and for marketing efforts.

We will work with you to create feedback forms that give you the information you need. Plus we will build processes to follow up students who haven't provided you with feedback - automatically.

Feedback will be accessible via your system and also provided to you through automated reporting.

You can then use that feedback on your program pages, application pages and more to help promote your experiences to other students.

Want more power? With our Advanced Program Pages, you can create a personalised experience by displaying feedback specific to each individual student automatically.

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"I want students to know exactly where they're at in the process"

Ok - you have a customised CRM, your processes are streamlined and your communications to students are clear.

But you want students to take ownership of the process and their tasks - and the ability for them to access them on demand. This is particularly important for Inbound students who may not be in your time zone!

That's where our Inbound Student Portal comes in!

Create a customised, on-brand inbound student portal where students can access their tasks; submit their applications; accept their offers; access important information about studying in Australia (including accommodation, insurance etc); and upload any outstanding documents all in one place.

 Imagine what [Automated] could do for you! Countless hours back in your calendar, systematised processes, a customised experience for your team and students + more.. 

We are passionate about how overseas experiences transforms lives!