The Global Society works with several business and corporate partners to provide benefits to members as well as expert knowledge in key areas. See below our partners and the fantastic support and value they bring to The Global Society.

If you are interested in working with, or knowing more about The Global Society, please contact us.

STA Travel

Provides flight and travel information, and special terms and discounts for members.

STA Travel is known for its focus on student travel and for their famous Lay-by. The Global Society and STA have teamed up to organise special lay-by conditions different from those normally offered, tailored directly for students going overseas to study. Find out more about this benefit in our Member Benefits page or about STA Travel on their website.


Provides Pre-Travel Members with a student card they can use overseas to receive student discounts.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a well known rite of passage for students going overseas to study. Partnered with the entertainment book and companies like Uber, Lonely Planet, David Jones and more... it is a fantastic way to continue living like a student overseas and to save before going. Explore their discounts and learn more here.


Provides members with a free international sim card, that members can use worldwide.

TravelSIM is an international roaming SIM card offering data, calls and text all over the world. With coverage in over 190 countries you can stay connected, no matter where you go. It’s prepaid so you’re in control of your spend and it comes with an app that makes international dialing easy, offers offline mapping and heaps more. Find out more about TravelSIM here.