The Global Society provides members and partner institutions with resources to help prepare for overseas study. Here is a preview of some of the resources on offer. Global Society members can access the resource library inside their logged in section starting December 2016.

Exchange guide

The Exchange guide is a detailed guide for students who will be taking part in overseas exchange to refer to when getting ready to go and whilst overseas.

It has in depth information on all aspects of exchange including: organising credit, accommodation overseas, travel and health insurance, living overseas, organising visas and passports and many more aspects of exchange.

The Global Society Student Exchange guide is the most comprehensive of its kind and is available to members and partner institutions.

On or Off Campus

One of the biggest decisions you may face is whether to stay in on-campus accommodation or whether to stay somewhere off campus. Some obvious things to think about will be the cost, proximity to classes and how easy it is to organise. There are pros and cons to both accommodation options...

Excess and Unaccompanied Baggage

Worried that you might do lots of shopping overseas and end up with too much stuff to bring home? There are several options available to you in this case...

Guides available to members from December 2016   

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Parent Booklet

The Parent Booklet is a guide for parents to get a better idea of the process their child will undertake in preparing for, and taking part in, overseas exchange.

It aims to give a full rundown of the process, an introduction to each of the topics and things that need to be organised, suggestions for things like keeping in contact overseas and homesickness, benefits of overseas study professionally and personally, a check list of important steps, a What to do if... section and a place to write down and keep important details.

For many destinations, there are vaccinations that should be administered before your child leaves Australia. Making sure your child speaks to a doctor about what they may require and getting these before they go is really important, especially as some take time to start working and need to be administered at specific times before departure.

The Australian Government provides a special loan for Commonwealth Supported students undertaking an exchange experience, which gets added onto a student's HECS debt. This loan is called OS-HELP.

Guides available to members from December 2016   

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Mini Guides

Global Society members have worked on mini-guides for specific topics relating to overseas study. These guides, in collaboration with The Global Society, are published in a series available inside the resource library.

Guides are on topics such as: Packing for cold climates, homesickness, volunteering overseas, communication challenges, keeping healthy, respecting the culture, relationships, career building and many more... and are designed to be on specific places/issues rather than providing generic advice.

Budget Winter Survival Guide!

By Edward Rossi

When looking for a winter jacket/parker suitable for shielding me from -15C to -25C I found it impossible to find anything all encompassing for under $550CAD and anything designed for this specific climate for under $700CAD.
Determined to not spend so much on a single purpose item I broke down the features of these jackets into individual Items and built my own multi function winter jacket!"
This is what I have learned from living through an east Canadian winter...

Guides available to members from December 2016   

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Culture-shock Resources

Video and accompanying handout

These resources are designed with the uni student in mind. The goal is to inform and empower students who are studying overseas with the knowledge needed to identify and cope with cultural adaptation.

The animation and accompanying handout explore the transition from a bright-eyed newly arrived student traveller to the challenges found in the “slumps” of living overseas whilst offering handy strategies on how to overcome low points in order to gain cultural proficiency!

During your overseas studies the initial glamour of the new culture, city and uni will wear away. You may begin to express negative feelings toward your host culture. At the same time, the differences that you once loved may start to feel like annoyances… This point in your study abroad experience is called The Slump…

Eventually, your new home will no longer be new and instead feel like a second home. You will feel more in control of your emotions and will be living and studying to your full potential...

Guides available to members from December 2016   

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Risk, Health and Safety

The Best practice guide in Australian Outbound Student Mobility

The Risk, Health and Safety Guide, researched and produced by Rob Malicki, is a sequel to the government funded generic guide he produced and released in 2011. This guide exposes the main gaps which appear in student health and safety and pre-departure preparation.

Culimating in 100 hours of work including depth interviews with 28 universities and surveys of 5 more universities, the guide provides a comprehensive look into risk in Australia's outbound mobility industry.

Half of 32 responding institutions still manage the majority of their outbound programs (in some cases, very large programs) using spreadsheets. The lack of a standalone solution to manage outbound students is a risk to institutions as most house their data in multiple systems with highly variable redundancy in the event of a data-loss or security breach event. This also makes it difficult for many institutions to identify which students are in particular areas when major incidents occur overseas. Basic systems like spreadsheets are also highly susceptible to data entry errors and data loss.

Guides available to members from December 2016   

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